Gold Leaf Reverse Glass Gilding Workshop 3-Days

Gold Leaf Reverse Glass Gilding Workshop 3-Days

Gold Leaf Reverse Glass-Surface Gilding & Gilded Glue Chipped Glass 3 day Workshop
Dates: October 20th - 22nd 2016, 9 am - 4 pm daily (1 hour lunch)
Where: Letterhead Sign Supply, 2013 Bodega Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952

Workshop covers basic Commercial Gilding, these are the same techniques taught to Sign-Shop apprentices.  

Students come away with 2 Reverse Glass Projects.

#1. Glue Chipped Glass Signs and Awards, join us for this hands on project making a Glass sign designed as a vintage advertisement of the technique.

       We'll teach about the Materials, Tools & Techniques in order to create Glue Chipped Glass and Frosted Glass along with how to water gild it.

#2. Reverse Glass Gilded Panel Sign in the classic Chicago-New York style.

       Also known as a Two-Tone in which we will be teaching you how to make gold or silver mirroring which is called Water Gilding, for out-lines on this project. Each project will be Silk-Screened after being Gilded to save time. Then we'll teach you to surface gild (Oil Gilding) inside of mirror gilded outlines we create together.

We'll discuss the history and the benefits of how the Light play of Two-toned Gilds work when combined correctly for a successful Gilding in Art or Advertising.

Thursday October 20th 2016

9-12 am: Sand Blasted & Glue Chipped Glass

  • Chemicals
  • Blasting Prep, Mask & Media
  • Hide Glue application
  • Drying Techniques 

12 am - 1 pm: Lunch Break

1 - 4 pmWater Gilding for Mirroring and Reverse Glass Signs
(project 2 starts while Hide Glue is curing.)

  • Chemicals
  • Prep
  • Artwork Tips
  • Gold Leaf Application
  • Burnishing


Friday October 21st 2016

9-12 amWater Gilding for Mirroring and Reverse Glass Signs

  • Final Gold-Leaf Touch-ups
  • Silk Screening Backing-Up to lock gold in place
  • Clean-up and Detailing

12 am - 1 pm: Lunch Break

1 - 4 pmSand Blasted & Glue Chipped Glass

  • Clean-up and Detailing
  • Water Gilding
  • Silk-Screening Backing-Up Paint


Saturday October 22nd 2016

9-12 amSurface Gilding with Oil Size

  • Tools and Techniques
  • Clean-up and Detailing

12 am - 1 pm: Lunch Break

1 - 4 pm: Independent Finishing

We find this time helpful for those who need to catch up or if your a fast study be one of the few that have actually been able to finish these projects by getting all of the paint work wrapped up before heading home.

Most People are pretty tired by the last day and this free time lets your creative side have a little fun finishing

So be ready to work hard and go home tired!


Supplies provided for use on panels at workshop:

  • 2 Glass panels
  • Hyde Glue
  • Asphaltum
  • Oil based and Water (gelatin) Size
  • Back-up Paint
  • Sign Paints
  • Burnishing Cotton
  • Knifes and Razor blades
  • Clean-up Dowels
  • Window Spar
  • Wax Paper
  • Shadow Kaolin


  • 3 books 23kt XXX Triple gold leaf 
  • 1 Book of any another Karat (12kt or 18kt) of Gold Leaf
  • Lettering brushes (small Quills brown or grey sizes 0-4)
  • Gilders tip
  • Gilders Water Size Brush
  • Gilders Dusting-Mop
  • Gilders Surplus Removal brush

Class Sizes are limited, First come, First Serve
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