Glass Chipping Supplies

Glass Chipping Supplies

Products used in Glass Chipping or Glue Chipping, see below.

Folks in a dry climate will have the hyde glue dry on its own and the chipping process will occur on its own.  Folks in more humid areas over 50% humidity may need to assist the hyde glue in drying properly by sealing or storing in a glue chipping box made of dry raw wood.  The raw wood assists in drawing out the moisture to assist the chip process.

The best humidity condition is at 35% and lower, but ranges from 35%-50% will work fine but will be slower.  

Local hardware stores often carry humidity gauges in which you can gauge your conditions.

**As the chipping process is under way, shards of glass can and will fly up and off so always wear the proper safety glasses to avoid glass from getting into your eyes.  



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Asphaltum Varnish

Asphaltum VarnishBuy Asphaltum Varnish for Sale, 1 Pint U.S., Asphaltum Varnish is used in reverse glass sign work, in sandblasting frosted glass, glu..


Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap

Gilders Gold Leaf Glass SoapBuy Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap for Sale here, Gilding Soap comes wrapped in a resealable foil package. Perfect for clean..


Gilding on Glass Wood Metal Book

Gilding on Glass Wood Metal Book  Gilding on Glass Wood Metal a Gold leaf Application Techniques and how-to book by E.C. Mathews and Lawrence S. ..


Hide Glue Bottle

Hide Glue BottleBuy Hide Glue Bottles for Sale here. This Bottle is used for applying Animal Hide Glue to sand blasted glass areas to chip for texture..


Hide Glue for Glass Chipping

Hide Glue for Glass ChippingBuy Hide Glue for Glass Chipping for Sale here. 1 Pound Bag Hide Glue for Glass Chipping DIRECTIONS: Mix 2 cups water 1 cu..


Hide Glue Heating Pot-Economy

Hide Glue Heating Pot-Economy Buy Hide Glue Heating Pot-Economy for Sale here. Glue pot for heating Hide Glue for Glass Chipping. 164 Gram Strength gl..


Hide Glue Roller 3 inch

Hide Glue Roller 3 inchBuy Hide Glue Roller 3" for Sale here. Plastic Grooved Roller with handle for Hide Glue. Spread animal Hide Glue with this..


Hide Glue Roller 6 inch

Hide Glue Roller 6 inchBuy a Hide Glue Roller 6 Inch for Sale here. Plastic Grooved Roller with handle for Hide Glue, Spread animal Hide Glue wit..


Hide Glue Trimmer Knife

Hide Glue Trimmer KnifeBuy a Hide Glue Trimmer Knife for Sale here.  Use this special Trimmer Knife to remove excess hide glue when you are glue ..


Sandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped Glass

Sandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped GlassSandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped Glass, Make Hide Glue Chipped Glass using this Sa..