Gold-Leaf 24kt-Fine-Gold Loose-Pack

2-3 Weeks Gold-Leaf 24kt-Fine-Gold Loose-Pack

Gold-Leaf 24kt-Fine-Gold Loose-Pack of 25 Books (500 Sheets), Size - 3-3/8" x 3-3/8", Surface/Loose Leaf, 18-gram-weight. This is Surface-leaf packaged-loose in-book, therefore it is known as Loose-Leaf.  A packs coverage area is 39.5 square feet and each book of 25-sheets has a coverage area of 1.98sq ft. These measurement amounts for coverage do not take into consideration waste or overlap. This Gold-Leaf 24kt-Fine-Gold Loose-Pack is great for glass gilding and surface gilding.  It is loose in the book and should be applied with a gilders tip or other method of transfer.  MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! Produced by the last American Gold Beaters!  Gold Leaf 24kt Fine Loose - Pack WB

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