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WB 23kt-Kuem-Boo Gold-Leaf-Book

WB 23kt-Kuem-Boo Gold-Leaf-Book, Each book contains 25 sheet of gold leaf, size 4 1/8" x 4 1/8" per sheet and .001" think.  This is surface leaf therefore it is Loose Leaf.  WB 23kt-Kuem-Boo Gold-Leaf-Book - Kuem is a Korean art form using very heavy gold foil. The artist makes an abject out of silver in the shape and size desired. This would usually be something about the size of a ring or small pendant. The foil is then applied to the object and heat to nearly 2000 F degrees. This causes the foil to adhere to the object, thus gilding it via a form of welding. It is loose in the book and should be applied with a gilders tip or other method of transfer.  MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! Produced by the last American Gold Beaters! WB 23kt-Kuem-Boo Gold-Leaf-Book available here.