pounce powder white

pounce powder white

Hansee White Pounce Powder 16oz - Han-See Pounce Powders Developed exclusively for the Sign Painting-Making and Graphic Industry. A unique blend of Han-See's Charcoal pounce powder minimizes peaking and prevents pounce stain. Han-see's blended White pounce powder provides excellent visibility and hold without peaking. The perfect Hans See Pounce Pad partner, refills it with no mess, no waste, no fuss, and hansee pounce4 powders are available in 16 oz refill bags. Han See Pounce Pad is most popular Pounce pad. Over the years, thousands of sign artists have used it for trucks, windows, and small flat work from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and beyond. in a word, quality. THIS PRODUCT ​SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY!


How-To Han See Pounce Pad


The Pounce Pad case is made of plastic and has a fill hole and cap that when uncorked may be filled with Han-See's pounce powders which come in black and white, specially formulated to avoid clogging. to use the Han See Pounce Pad simply attach your perforated paper pattern to the lettering surface of choice by tape, then Pounce (hop or bounce) across areas that you wish the patterns design to be transferred to, and then finish by rubbing-wipe the pounce pad across the surface lightly. Now lift up only one corner of the pattern to visually check and make sure the patterns design has transferred, if it has carefully check to make sure the other ares of the pattern have transferred. if not simply repeat the process with the hansee pounce pad.


Pro's How to Tip: Lightly blow off excess pounce powder to reduce sign paint contamination, careful, don't blow off too much or you'll have to repeat the process with the hansee pounce pad.


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