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Paua Abalone Rim Dark shell sheets

Paua Abalone Rim Dark shell sheets

Paua Abalone Rim Dark shell sheets

Paua Abalone Rim Dark shell sheets for sale here. Dark Paua Abalone Rim Dark shell features more intense shades of red, green, and blue, however not as many blues as ordinary Paua Abalone. Made from rows of interlocked, long, curved "rim" pieces, so there are no visible straight-line seams. If shapes or strips are cut across the rows, it produces a very attractive rolling-light effect. A favorite in reverse glass gilding, carving and Inlay.

Veneer Sheet: Paua Abalone Rim Light sheets Thin .006"-.009"

name: Haliotis iris; New Zealand

Haliotis iris, also known as pua, blackfoot pua, or rainbow abalone, is a type of edible sea snail and a member of the family Haliotidae, which also includes abalones.

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Paua Abalone Rim Dark Inlay SheetPaua Abalone Rim Dark Inlay Sheet has darker colors of red, green, and some blues, but generally not as bluish as regular Paua Abalone. Made from nested rows of long curved “rim” pieces, so does not have any straight-line joints which can show. Displays a very nice rolling-light effect if shapes or strips are cut going across the rows. Paua Abalone Rim Dark Inl..
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