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Abalone Inlay Shell

Abalone Inlay Shell

Abalone Inlay Shell

Abalone Inlay Shell for sale here. Abalone is used in thin sheets, cut to size, then glued onto surface for decorative embellishments. When Reverse Glass Gilding, abalone shell is used for Centers of letters, graphic outlines and framed boarders.

Abalone shell looks wet after applied on reverse glass signage and looks best when the back side is painted with Back-Up Black Enamel, the same product used in water gilded Gold or Silver Mirrors to lock metals and protect them from water damage. This helps the Abalone have a look of depth an reflects light back out.

Abalone Inlay Shell Facts:

According to the most thorough analysis, there are 56 recognized abalone species and 18 extra abalone subspecies. Abalones have low, open spiral structures with several open respiratory pores arranged in a row close to the shell's edge. The mother-of-pearl nacre that makes up the thick inner layer of the shell is extremely iridescent in many species, producing a spectrum of vibrant, variable colors that appeal to humans as decorative items, jewelry, and sources of mother-of-pearl in various colors. Many civilizations around the world regard abalone meat to be a delectable dish, and they either eat it raw or cooked.

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