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Water Gilding Basics

Water Gilding Basics

Water Gilding Basics

Water Gilding basic how to Water Gild the Art of Mirror Making known as Reverse Glass Gilding. This Step by Step Water Gilding Basic Tutorial By Ron Percell covers the Basics of Applying Gold Leaf for Gold Mirrored Artwork, Letters and Lines. Water Gilding Gold Leaf and Precious Metals like Pure Silver and Palladium Leaf, Queen of Pale Gold with Gelatin produces a Mirror finish. Water gilding lesser materials Brass, Aluminum and Copper Leaf doesn't work well and often comes off right away. Imitation Metal Leafing took thick-heavy and doesn't allow the Gelatin Size to dry properly and are Better to surface Gild with Oil Gold Sizes. So when Water Gilding always use real Gold or Pure Silver and Palladium when your worried about the Silver Tarnishing right away. Water Gilding require several different Items: Gold Leaf

Gelatin Sizing

Gilders Tip

Rolled Cotton

Backing Paint

Brush, Lettering Quill


There are additional Gilding Tools That help the in the Gilding Process but are not necessary for basic Water gilding.

Gilders Knife

Gilders Pad to cut gold on

Gilders Dusting Mop

Gilders Etching Pens for Fades

Gilders Chalice

Water Gilding: How To: 14 Part Step By Step, Part 1 Listed below