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Mack Series 1645 Long Line Striper

Mack Series 1645 Long Line Striper
Mack Brushes Sword Striper Series 1645. This brush was developed by Mack Brush working with Rick Glawson. This brush is great for pinstriping, hand painting used by pinstripers and sign painters. Good for water base paint or other paints that are more dense than lettering enamel. Brushes are made of three sections - the root, where the ferrule (the wire band or thread that keeps hairs attached to the brush) is located, the belly section in the middle, and the end tip. Most artists either blunt the normally pointed tip of the brush, or slightly alter the belly. Because a water-soluble sizing is used to keep brushes stiff during shipping, they need to be cleaned right out of the package. After the sizing is risned out, the brush is ready to be shaped.
Brand: Mack Brush Model: 1645-00
Extra Long Striper Series-1645 Size 00 Mack Brush Series-1645 Size 00 Mack/Glawson Extra Long Striper This brush is shaped like a Fast-Lite Striper, but with a hair mixture of Squirrel and Brown Taklon for more body and snap.  Also good for water base paint or any other paint that is denser than lettering enamel. Available in #00 with a hair length of 2 1/4. Extra Lon..
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