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The Memorial Conclave 2006

The Memorial Conclave 2006

The Memorial Conclave 2006

At Valencia Signs & Graphics

The Memorial Conclave carries on the time honored tradition of Decorative Reverse Gilded Glass. This Gathering is in the memory of our dear friend and mentor to many around the world
Rick "Daddy Finegold" Glawson

This meet is comprised of some of the best
known talent from around the world, and is considered to be the Pinnacle of gatherings by many Gilders, Sign artist & Craftsmen.

Now hosted by some of Rick's
closest Friends in Southern California
John & Kathi Studden
of Valencia Signs & Graphics, in Valencia, Ca.

The Meet focuses on the finer elements of Decorative Reverse Glass Gilding and is a common ground for sharing knowledge, educating & refining this respected art. The Memorial Conclave is also by invitation only,
this is due to limitation of room, so the invite can be hard to come by. Invitations come to those who show the greatest interest & through the Quality of the work & through sharing examples with the top Artists & Craftsmen throughout our profession.

This Letterhead Meeting simply leaves you
Dancing on a Cloud of Inspiration, Charging your Soul with Electricity, to Ignite the Imagination.

This year we all worked on a Wonderful design by David & Suze Butler
who also provided us with some cool printed T-shirts. David's design work is always a treasure of Eye Candy to behold.

One design, but hundreds of ideas can create a roomful of collectible art for the ages, and this years group didn't let us down. There were panels being decorated with may different types of precious metals, from 24kt to Pure Palladium.

There was also a big interest in Blended Mica Powders & the classics like Mother of Pearl & Abalone. Larry White was kind enough to bring down a dozen panels pre Angel Gilded.

Folks were burnish blending gold and using various techniques of transparent inks and Asphaltum in combination as demonstrated
by Fernando Ocampo.

A brush we produced, inspired by John Jordan for Surplus Gold Removal also won the approval of Conclave attendees, reducing the time the process takes.

We were also treated to a chance of a hands on demonstration of decorating a commemorative 20oz mug with the meets logo by our good friend Pat Mackel

David McDonald
Also provided a tasty commemorative brew to test our new mugs out with, as evident in the photo below in our after hours gathering.

Gary Ericksen also gave some hands-on instruction on Carving techniques, along with Mike Languine giving an impromptu faux finishing wood graining demonstration.

I can only imagine the fascination of collectors in 100 years as if they found a fine piece of art glass by Rawson & Evans.

Here are a few photos below for you to enjoy!

Article & Photos By Ron Percell


Photos By Rick Sacks

Lola Grey


Photos By Danny Baronian



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