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Gold Mother of Pearl sheets

Gold Mother of Pearl sheets

Gold Mother of Pearl sheets

Gold Mother of Pearl sheets for sale here. GOLD Mother of Pearl is created from the biggest chunks available and is a rich, buttery yellow with very little white visible. GOLD M.O.P., which is made from the biggest pieces possible, is a deep, buttery golden with barely any white showing.

Veneer Sheet: Gold MOP Thin .006"-.009"

name: Pinctada maxima; Philippines

A species of pearl oyster, or marine bivalve mollusk known as a "pearl oyster," is called Pinctada maxima. The Gold-lipped oyster and the Silver-lipped oyster come in two different color variants. The world's largest pearl oysters are these bivalves. They are crucial to the cultured pearl industry as they are raised to create South Sea pearls and have a highly robust inner shell layer made of nacre, often known as "mother of pearl."

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Gold Mother of Pearl Inlay SheetBuy Gold Mother of Pearl Inlay Shell is similar to pale gold M.O.P., mottled color, irregular patchwork texture, good iridescence. Edge-trimmed and very even thickness. is made from select pieces of Tahitian black M.O.P. with lots of red and green iridescence. We used the shell for Inlay and Reverse Glass Gilding of Signs. Good color matching with in each sheet. but..
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