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Deadman Letterhead 2012

Deadman Letterhead 2012

video walk through

Deadman Letterhead 2012 video is a walk through at Milestone Manufacturing in Hayward, California in the San Francisco Bay area.

Owner "Larry White" otherwise known as "William Blake" during the Deadman event, has an intimate gathering of Specialist from various fields such as Glaziers, Sign Painting and Pinstriping to practice the fine art of Reverse Glass gilding with Acid Embossing and Glue Chipped Gold Leaf.

Seasoned professionals, with a few refered rookies each year make incredible reverse glass signs. Larry has decorated the shop just a little bit, and the meet takes on a life of it's own seeing it's themed around a modern western known as "Dead Man" starring Johnny Deb and a host of other actors.

Movie Warning: the movie "Dead Man" isn't for the faint of heart, as it portrays a more realistic wild west and isn't appropriate for children.

During the gathering, old western movies play in the background as artists work, it's not uncommon to hear lines from the movies yelled out, while others like to dress the part. One thing is for sure, Deadman tends to be for Men only even though a few women sneak in to see this great hidden location, and the most talented in the world migrate to Larry's little town of "Machine" to make the best reverse glass signage.



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