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Pink Abalone Heart shell sheets

Pink Abalone Heart shell sheets

Pink Abalone Heart shell sheets

Pink Abalone Heart shell sheets for sale here. Pink Abalone Heart shell has Dark pinks and violets with hints of turquoise make up the complex figure of the Pink Abalone Heart shell, which emerges from the shell's center. It is similar to the green abalone heart but is more crinkled. Great for reverse glass gilding, carving and Inlay.

Veneer Sheet: Pink Abalone Heart Thin .006"-.009"

name: Haliotis corrugata; Mexico

The pink abalone, Haliotis corrugata, is a species of big edible sea snail and a member of the abalone family of marine gastropod mollusks.

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Pink Abalone Heart Inlay SheetPink Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet, used in Inlay and Reverse Glass Signs is made from the center of the Shell, much like Green Abalone shell. Heart but more crinkled, dark pinks/violets with touches of turquoise. Edge-trimmed and very even thickness. Good color matching with in each sheet. but colors and patterns can vary between sheets and batches. May have slight c..
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