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Silk Screen Workshops

Silk Screen Workshops

Silk Screen Workshops

Silk Screening Workshop 1-Day, 9am - 5pm (1 hour lunch break)

Learn to make Silk-Screens using Ron Percells methods. Silk Screening is a great way to Produce Top of the line Reverse Glass Signs and also many other forms of Signs and Graphics in Volume. Ron shares his Families techniques and materials to get anyone started with Silk Screening using a minimal budget to produce income.

We walk you through the Steps hands on:

  • We start you off with Dirty Screens, take you through the clean-ups
  • Then take you through the Preperation of the screens.
  • Artwork types, Hand Drawn, Hand Painted or Computer generated.
  • Expose Silk Screen with your Artwork, Light Types and Low-Budget Techniques Discussed.
  • Hands on Clean-outs of Exposed Silk Screens
  • Mounting Set-up of Silk Screen Presses
  • Squeegee and ink-chemicals types discussed
  • Ink and Pull the Silk Screen you make in class to finish up



  • 1 Silk Screen
  • 1 Squeegee
  • 1 Glass Panel

Artwork Required before Class starts:

  • A 1 Color, peice of Artwork, this may be a logo or personal art and you're artwork will be used at the end of the class to burn (create) your very own screen to take home with you after the class.


Class Sizes are limited, register soon

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