gilding tools

gilding tools

Gilding Tools

gilding tools for tooling gold leaf to buy, amazing gold leaf tools designed over the centuries. we also carry many modern replacement gilding tools. We're a mom and pop business selling the gold leaf gilding tools we've used over the years that have yielded great results. These gilding tools are for gold leaf application, gold leaf burnishing, gold leaf dusting and gold leaf finishing.

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etching-burnishing pen

Etching-Burnishing Pen, buy for reverse glass gilding, has a fiberglass tip. Used to create a fade i..


Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap

Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap  Gilders Gold Leaf Glass Soap comes wrapped in a resealable foil p..


Gilders Shadow Kaolin Gold Leaf Resist

Gilders Shadow Kaolin Gold Leaf Resist Gilders Shadow Kaolin 4 oz by volume Jar.  Comes wi..


Gold Surplus Removal Brush

Gold Surplus Removal Brush Gilders Gold Surplus Removal Brush was inspired by a great little br..


Hide Glue Bottle

Hide Glue Bottle Bottle used for applying Hide Glue to glass.   This is Hide Glue Bot..


Hide Glue Heating Pot-Economy

Hide Glue Heating Pot-Economy . Glue pot for heating Hide Glue for Glass Chipping. 164 Gram Strength..


Hide Glue Trimmer Knife

Hide Glue Trimmer Knife.  Use this special Trimmer Knife to remove excess hide glue when you ar..


Paint or Thinner Cups

Sleeve of 100 cups.1 fluid ounce each.Use to hold paint or thinner in small amounts, while y..


Pen Handle Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter - Pen HandleThis Carbide tip Glass Cutters come in Pistol Grip & Pen grip, both..


Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter - Pistol GripThis Carbide tip Glass Cutters come in Pistol Grip & Pen grip, bot..


pounce pad-Han See

Pounce Pad-Han SeeHan See Pounce Pad is most popular Pounce pad. Over the years, thousands of si..


pounce powder white

Hansee White Pounce Powder 16oz - Han-See Pounce Powders Developed exclusively for the Sign Painting..


pounce powder-black

100% Pure Charcoal Pounce Powder 1 pound - Pounce Powders Developed exclusively for the Sign Paintin..


Replacement Tip - Burnishing Pen

Replacement Tips for the Etching & Burnishing Pen Sold IndividuallyFiberglass tips. Used to..


rolled cotton for gilding gold leaf

Rolled Cotton for Gilding Gold LeafRolled Cotton for Gilding Gold Leaf by Gilders Specialty Products..


Sandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped Glass

Sandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped GlassSandblaster-Glass-Wood-Metal for Glue Chipped..


sign kit brush box

brush box wood, Sign Painter Kit or Pinstriping kit brush box is made of hardwood, modeled after the..


Wipe Out Tool

Wipe Out Tool Series 2240If you over run a corner or edge, this wipe out tool can pull or push ..