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Dragons Blood Resin

Dragons Blood Resin 1 oz Bag A red transparent resin used in conjunction with gamboge to tint fresh dissolved shellac flakes or lacquer. Traditionall..


Gilders Bulletin Spar Varnish Gold Leaf Clear Coat-quart

Gilders Bulletin Spar Varnish Gold Leaf Clear coat - Quart  A traditional Alkyd Resin Varnish of the highest quality used as a final Cl..


Gilders Damar Varnish

GILDERS DAMAR VARNISH 2 oz jar Thick bodied liquefied damar gum for picture adhesion in reverse work and cent embossing. It does not dr..


Gilders Fibra Seal

Gilders Fibra Seal 8oz - 1/2 Pint A flow control and binding additive for mixing with Japan paints. Adds flexibility and durability to ..


Gilders Quick Rubbing Varnish

Gilders Quick Rubbing Varnish  Gilders Specialty Product's Quick Rubbing Varnish. A traditional alkyd resin quick rubbing varnish of the hig..


Gilders Window Spar Varnish quart

Gilders Window Spar Varnish Quart  Used as a final overcoat for reverse glass work. Use for scuff and scratch protection and limited resistance t..