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Maul Stick - Solid

Solid Maul or Mahl Stick

This is a classic and a must have sign painters tool. It is a great sign painting tool for keeping your hands out of difficult areas while lettering. This tool allows you to letter over wet areas without contact or damage. Also helps steady your hands while pulling lines. Helps relieve stress in arm and shoulders by providing a area to rest your hand during lettering. Indestructible and lightweight carbon fiber Maul stick with a high-density non-marking rubber tip. Our custom carbon fiber products can be used with lacquers and urethanes and have an epoxy coating that is nearly indestructible. Approximately 36″ long.

Wikipedia - A mahlstick, or maulstick, is a stick with a soft leather or padded head used by painters to support the hand holding the paintbrush. The word derives from the Dutch maalstok 'painter's stick', from malen 'to paint'. In 16th- through 19th-century paintings of artists, including self-portraits, the maulstick is often depicted as part of the painter's equipment.