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Black Siver Long Handled Brush Set 6

Black Siver Long Handled Brush Set 6
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Black Siver Long Handled Brush Set 6
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Black Silver Long Handled Brush Set 6
Set includes 1 of each
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Dynasty's Black Silver brushes with long handles embody versatility, affordability, and elegance, catering to the needs of all artists. These brushes are crafted with a blend of silver synthetic bristles, sleek black ferrules, and stylish two-toned black and silver handles, providing artists with an attractive brush that offers optimal comfort during use.

Black Silver brushes are constructed using a proprietary blend of synthetic materials that excel in maintaining a sharp chisel edge and precise point while holding an ample amount of pigment, regardless of the medium used. This makes them an ideal choice for artists on a student's budget who still seek quality.

These brushes are well-suited for a range of artistic applications, including oils, acrylics, and various multi-media projects.