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Dewayne Connot DC Flatliner Pinstriping Brush Series 1310 Full Set

Dewayne Connnot DC Flatliner Pinstriping Brush Series-1310 Full Set  Mack Brush Series 1310 - Sizes 00, 0 and 1
This brush is a "workhorse" - it's designed for long lines.  The squirrel hair comes from China, and it is softer than the traditional Siberian squirrel hair.  It's the same hair that Mack uses in their #10 Original Mack Striping Brush. It's a very "fast" brush and lays out long lines. DC Flatliner Pinstriping Brush Series-1310 Set

Set Includes 1 of Each:
00 - Length 1-5/8"
0 - Length 1-3/4"
1 - Length 1-7/8"