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Gilders Fast Gold Size Gold Leaf Adhesive

Gilders Fast Gold Size Gold Leaf Adhesive For Surface & Reverse Gilding Gold Leaf onto Glass, Wood and Metal. Oil Based Gold Size Adhesive in 8 oz. cans. A Fast Dry time of around 1 Hour and brushes on easily, reaching tack quickly and stays open(tack-sticky) longer for additional application time and burnishing for excellent results. Gilders Quick Dry Gold Size is the perfect product for that rush job because it's ready like a fast size, but it's unique blend offers a shining glow that matches Commercial Medium-Set Gold size that take 2-3 hours longer to set up. The Results are a fast gold size with extended "Open Time" and the glow of medium set oil gold size. Set-up and dry times can vary based on temperatures and Humidity. If it's Cold, it will take longer for the gold size to set-up, likewise if it's Hot out, the gold size will set up Quickly. As always you should try out and test these materials before offering commercially for sale. Gilders Fast Gold Size Gold Leaf Adhesive SHIPS UPS GROUND ONLY!