Shell and Jewel Glass Inlay Glue

Shell and Jewel Glass Inlay Glue

Shell and Jewel Glass Inlay Glue

Shell and Jewel Glass Inlay Glue by Gilders Specialty Products has UV protection and is used for attach Shell and Jewels to glass for Reverse Glass Gilding. Shell and Jewel Glass Inlay Glue can glue wood plastic and metal to glass. This product is simular to the glues used to repair windshields in vehicles. UV Activated by using Sunlight or by exposing under ultraviolet light rated at 350+ nanometers and is an ultraviolet light curing resin that can bond Precious Shell, Glass Jewel, Crystals, & Metal to Glass. Contains no solvents. Gilders UV Shell and Jewel Glass Inlay Glue has Cathedral rating of endurance. Comes with pop-up Tip applicator, built into cap.

Once activated, it is very hard to remove, so make sure your shell or jewels are in the right place and apply pressure to get out any air bubbles. Shell and Jewel Glass Glue comes in a 4 oz. plastic bottle with application tip. I've seen sunlight set the glue off in 30 seconds and small hand held devices take a long time. Under might silk screen exposure light it took 30-40 mins with a 2500 watt UV lamp. Always perform test before using on a project, so you'll know what to expect.

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A short video on using UV Shell and Jewel glue to adhere Abalone & Mother of Pearl shell veneer laminate to glass. Advanced techniques are available through workshops, and at Gilders and Letterhead Gatherings

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