Green Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet

Green Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet

Green Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet used for inlay and Reverse Glass Gilding is mostly darker greens, some reds and blues, dense and burly figure from central muscle-scar area of the Shell. Edge-trimmed and very even thickness. Good color matching with in each sheet. but colors and patterns can vary between sheets and batches. May have slight corner chipping or contain areas of "worminess". Limited to stock on hand.Green Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet sheet size 5.5" x 9.5" x .006"-.009" Veneer Sheet.  Green Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet **SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING due to Law, sheets SHIPS WITHIN THE UNITED STATES ONLY **

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A short video on Basic Cutting Abalone & Mother of Pearl shell veneer laminate. Advanced techniques are available through advanced workshops, and at Gilders and Letterhead Gatherings

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