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Gelatin Size for Water Gilding Gold Leaf by Gilders

Gelatin Size for Water Gilding Gold Leaf by Gilders

Buy Gelatin Gold Leaf Size for Water Gilding by Gilders for Sale here. Each Package of Gelatin Size Contains 5 Sheets Used in Water Gilding. Gelatin sheets are the alternative to 00 gelatin capsules. Each sheet is embossed with 80 diamonds. A two-diamond section is equal to one 00 gelatin capsule and, when placed in one half pint of water, it will make an average strength batch of gelatin glue size, more diamonds stronger batch, less diamonds weaker batch. Gilders Gelatin Gold Leaf Size

Our method for gelatin water size is as follows:

4-5 diamonds per pint or 6-7 diamonds per pint for heavier metals

1) Heat 1/2 pint of distilled water just to point steam beginning to rise.  Do Not boil, boiling water will kill the proteins in the gelatin.

2) Once warmed add 4-5 diamonds (6-7 with heavier metals like silver), wait until they dissolve completely

3) Add the remaining 1/2 pint of cool distilled water to the gelatin and mix together well, and you are ready to go