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Green Abalone Heart shell

Green Abalone Heart shell

Green Abalone Heart shell sheets

Green Abalone Heart shell sheets for sale here. The core muscle-scar region of the Green Abalone Heart shell has a dense and bulky form that is primarily darker green in color with some red and blue accents. There is limited availability. A favorite in reverse glass gilding, carving and Inlay.

Veneer Sheet: Green Abalone shell sheets Thin .006"-.009"

name: Haliotis fulgens; Mexico

The huge sea snail Haliotis fulgens, sometimes known as the green abalone, belongs to the family Haliotidae, which also includes the abalones.[2] Typically brown in color, the shell of this species is distinguished by numerous short, flat-topped ribs that run parallel to the five to seven open respiratory pores that protrude above the shell's surface. The interior of the shell exhibits a blue and green iridescence.

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Green Abalone Heart Inlay Sheet used for inlay and Reverse Glass Gilding is mostly darker greens, some reds and blues, dense and burly figure from central muscle-scar area of the Shell. Edge-trimmed and very even thickness. Good color matching with in each sheet. but colors and patterns can vary between sheets and batches. May have slight corner chipping or contain areas of "worminess". Limited to..
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