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Paua Abalone shell sheets

Paua Abalone shell sheets

Paua Abalone shell sheets

Paua Abalone shell sheets for sale here. Paua Abalone is the most vibrant pearly shell in the world. It is significantly darker than Green Abalone, and certain sheets have rich pink, deep green, and blue hues. A favorite in reverse glass gilding, carving and Inlay.

Veneer Sheet: Paua Abalone shell sheets Thin .006"-.009"

name: Haliotis iris; New Zealand

Haliotis iris, also known as pua, blackfoot pua, or rainbow abalone, is a type of edible sea snail and a member of the family Haliotidae, which also includes abalones.

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Paua Abalone Inlay SheetPaua Abalone Inlay Sheet is used for Inlay and Reverse Glass Gilding and is the World's most colorful pearly Shell, much darker than Green Abalone, some sheets have intense pinks, others deep greens and blues. Edge-trimmed and very even thickness.  Good color matching with in each sheet. but colors and patterns can vary between sheets and batches.  May have sl..
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