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Gilding Sizes

Gilding Sizes
Gilding Sizes

Buy Gilding Sizes for sale here. Gilding Sizes attach Gold Leaf, Precious Leaf and Aluminum, Imitation Brass and Copper Metal Leaf. We offer Oil Based and Water Based Gold Sizes which are Gold Leaf Adhesives. There are Gilding Sizes listed below.

Brand: 1 Shot Model: FASTSIZE
1 shot fast gold leaf sizeBuy 1 Shot Fast Gold Size for sale here in 8 oz Cans, 1/2 Pint. 1 Shot Fast Gold Size is the perfect product for that rush job. It is easy to apply, reaches tack quickly and produces excellent results. It remains elastic longer than other quick drying size. (Up to 8 hours a..
Brand: Gilders Specialty Products Model: GELATIN-SIZE
Gelatin Size for Water Gilding Gold Leaf by GildersBuy Gelatin Gold Leaf Size for Water Gilding by Gilders for Sale here. Each Package of Gelatin Size Contains 5 Sheets Used in Water Gilding. Gelatin sheets are the alternative to 00 gelatin capsules. Each sheet is embossed with 80 diamonds. A two-d..
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