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Water Gilding Step By Step Part 14

Water Gilding Step By Step Part 14

Water Gilding Step By Step Part 14

14. Surplus Gold Leaf Removal Brush or Cotton used almost dry with very little water and Gilders Soap, lightly scrub in both directions to remove gold leaf, don't try to clean all gold off at once, just a little, wipe dry, then move forward and repeat top to bottom, Now repeat. 2nd pass working down revealing more clean areas. Remember, too much water while cleaning off will float the gold leaf off. 3rd pass gets most all off and 4th pass is just detail with a sharpened wood dowel.

Wash an area too much or loose a little detail. This happens less the more you practice, if it does, make fresh water size, carefully wet and gild. When dry touch up and clean up as I taught you in the beginning, just on a smaller gild. Once you Finish Water gilding you can move on as long as everything is dry. Surface Gilding most likely  be your next step, but that's another topic.

Gilders Surplus Gold Leaf Removal Brush

A short How To video on Gilders Surplus Gold Removal Brush for Water gilding Gold leaf when Mirroring for fast detail cleaning.Learn how to remove excess Gold Leaf when water gilding by using the Gilders Surplus Gold Removal Brush. Restoration & Reverse Glass Sign artist must have tool. Advanced techniques are available through advanced workshops, and at Gilders and Letterhead Gatherings.

Now if you want that hand Experience to learn more in a hand on Environment check out our

West Coast Gold Leaf Workshop!

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