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Hanson-Mack Alien Deathhawk Size 000

Hanson-Mack Alien Deathhawk Pinstriping Brush Size 000

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Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company, in collaboration with Todd Hanson, presents the "Alien Deathhawk" pinstriping brush series, available in sizes 00000, 000, and 00.

Key Features:
European Dressed Blue Squirrel Hair: Unlike the King 13 series, these brushes feature European dressed blue squirrel hair, which is known for its stiffer nature. This characteristic provides the striper with more control and less drooping when the brush is fully loaded.

Variety of Hair Lengths: The 5/0 and 3/0 brushes utilize a 60mm European dressed blue squirrel hair, resulting in a total hair length of 1 ¾ inches. The 00 brush, on the other hand, employs a 65mm hair length, providing a total hair length of 2 inches.

Enhanced Taper: The "Alien Deathhawk" brushes are designed with a bit more taper than traditional stripers, offering improved precision and control.

Optimized Hair Distribution: The distribution of hair onto the handle is strategically configured, distinguishing it from the series #10 and #20 brushes. For instance, the 00000 and 000 brushes are crafted on a #00 handle, and the 00 brush is made on a #0 handle. This innovative approach ensures the right balance of hair on a handle with a larger surface area.

Available Sizes: 5/0, 000, 00

The "Alien Deathhawk" series is a fantastic addition for pinstriping enthusiasts, providing an array of sizes to accommodate various projects and preferences.