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Lefranc 12 Hour Gold Size - 75mil

Lefranc 12 Hour Gold Size - 75mil
Lefranc 12 Hour Gold Size - 75mil
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Lefranc 12 Hour Slow Size
Size: 1 Liter

Estimated drying time: 12 hours

The Lefranc 12 Hour Gilding Mixture is a specially formulated oil-based adhesive tailored for the delicate art of gold and metal leaf gilding. This renowned product, proudly made in France, has earned its status as an indispensable tool for Master Gilders worldwide.

Distinguished by its lead-free composition, the Lefranc Gilding Mixture excels in securely adhering gold leaf to non-porous surfaces, including glass, metal, and marble.

Primarily designed for use on extensive surfaces, the 12 Hour Gilding Mixture performs at its best in outdoor settings within dry climates, where dust levels remain minimal. It is the preferred choice when seeking enduring protection, enhanced brilliance, and depth for gilded surfaces.

For gilding smaller areas or interior applications exposed to humidity and a higher dust presence, we recommend considering the Lefranc 3 Hour Gilding Mixture as a more suitable alternative.