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Lettering Quill Devey Mack Series 32 Size 8

Devey Mack Series 32 Full Set
Set includes 1 of each size:
4 - Length1-1/16"
6 - Length 1-3/16"
8 - Length 1-1/4"

“I’ve been lettering and striping for forty years and have used about every brush out there.  The development of the Devey Mack came about because I needed a brush with Kazan hair that offered a metal ferrule with a little longer hair and a little bigger handle.  I’ve tested and used this brush daily for the last year, both with enamels and urethane paints.  The performance is top notch and offers a nice chisel.  Other big-name artists have tried it and loved it!  I’m very happy to have my name on this brush.” – Jeff Devey, Jeff’s Graphics