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Mack-Long Stryper Series 1111 size 0

Mack-Long Stryper Series 1111 Full Set

Mack-Long Stryper Series 1111 size 0, by Mack Brush, is made of taklon a synthetic hair that will stand up to windy days.
“Once upon a time in Michigan, Texas, and California, lived a lazy pinstriper. He wanted to make a lot of money fast.

Set Includes 1 Each
Size 00
Size 0
Size 1

This pinstriper was busy with dealer lots, asphalt, dirt, and gravel. He pinstriped 20-30 cars per day in sun, rain, and wind. He started with a Grumbacher 1010, but when the wind blew, the little brush was taken by the wind. He wanted a brush the wind would not bother. 

He called Grumbacher and they made him a brush with taklon bristles. All was well, but the lazy pinstriper was still not happy. He now wanted to pull longer lines. He called Grumbacher again, but they sent him too short of a brush. He was told they had been conquered by the evil Kohinoors. The lazy pinstriper contacted the Maine Brush Company, but the Maine Brush Company was also conquered. The search continued for the magic bristle, leading the lazy pinstriper to the Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company. 

Other brush makers suggested a blend of natural and synthetic bristles. The blend was highly sought after, a rare commodity, and soon to be extinct.

He called Chris at Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company and cried, “Woe is me! These other nitwits forgot the formula and can’t find the hair (or their ferrules either). The mighty Chris said, “Have no fear, I have an idea!” There is a new taklon and we can do it! 

After much trial, the Longstriper 1111 was created, the homage to the Grumbacher 1010 as per Spinal Tap where their amps went to 11. If you do commercial work, you are going to love these. This is the best straight line brush I have ever used. Moisture has no effect on this brush and the wind’s 20mph is no match for this brush.”

-Michael Menard

Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1