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Scharff Sword Pinstriping Brush series 2190 Full Set

Scharff Sword Pinstriping Brush series 2190 size 0

Scharff Sword Pinstriping Brushes series 2190 Full Set by Scharff Brush for Pinstriper's and Sign Painter's. These Pinstriping brushes are made from fine Brown Kazan Squirrel hair attached to a raw wood handle. They are excellent for Pinstriping and decorative painting, used by Pinstripers and Sign Painters everywhere! Scharff Sword Pinstriping Brushes series 2190 set Sword's longest hairs on top (tip) and tapers back to a shorter length on the underside by the handle. The sword brush originated on the early assembly lines, used mainly for automotive paint touch-ups. Over the years, brushes have evolved to better suit pinstripers' needs, with short and long handles, large and small bellies (the middle section where the paint is carried), and different kinds of hair - squirrel hair being the most commonly used. Available in five sizes 00, size 0, size 1, size 2 and size 3. Scharff Sword Pinstriping Brushes series 2190 set for sale here.

Set includes 1 of each:
Size 00
Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3

Brush Tips by Ron Percell, I always use refined Lard Oil as a brush preservative to get the most life out of my Brushes. I ran across a old sign kit of mine that had been stored for 15 years and the refined Lard oil was still fresh. Before I used some of those vegtable based products and they would dry and crystalize in 3-6 month, it took some serious soaking to get the stuff out of the brushes. Over the years of making professional chemicals for the sign painting industry I've learned that those few waterbased (plant based) oils are natural Varnishes, now tell me, would you leave varnish in your brushes, I don't think so. Avoid automotive oils, they have detergents which eat at the hairs. In a pinch, mineral oil will for a short time but isnt thick enough, so stick with refined Lard Oil like the Old Timers did...

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