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Scrolling Beginners Starter Kit

Scrolling Beginners Starter Kit
Scrolling Beginners Starter Kit
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Scrolling Beginners Starter Kit

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The Beginners Scrolling Starter Kit is an amazing value! This comprehensive kit provides you with everything you need to get started with scrolling and decorative painting.

Kit includes the following essential items:

1 - Wizard Black Widow Scroll Striper Size 00: A versatile tool for creating intricate scrollwork and designs.
1 - Jenson Swirly-Q: Ideal for adding elegant swirly patterns to your projects.
1 - Brush Box: A convenient storage solution to keep your brushes organized and in top condition.
1 - Reusable Scroll Practice Sheets: Perfect for honing your scrolling skills before applying them to your main project.
1 - 4 oz. Ronan Black: High-quality black paint for adding depth and contrast to your designs.
1 - 4 oz. Ronan White: A versatile white paint for highlights and blending.
1 - 4 oz. Ronan Cherry Red: A vibrant red paint for adding rich color to your projects.

This kit is a fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced artists, offering excellent value and all the tools you need to create beautiful scrollwork and decorative designs.