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Bobbo's Super Quad Scroll Pinstriping Brush Series-71 size 0

Bobbo's Super Quad Scroll Pinstriping Brush Series-71 size 0 These brushes have shorter bristles and fine blue squirrel and black synthetic hair makes scrolling easier and faster. This brush was created by Bobbo in conjunction with Mack Brush to develop a new brush for the pinstriper/sign painter/ artist to fulfill some of the difficult tasks of using a brush to its fullest. Overall length of brush us 4-1/2" and available in sizes 00, 0, 1 and 2. Information and pricing on Bobbo's Super Quad Scroll Pinstriping Brushes series-71 size 0 listed below.

Brush Tips by Ron Percell, I always use refined Lard Oil as a brush preservative to get the most life out of my Brushes. I ran across a old sign kit of mine that had been stored for 15 years and the refined Lard oil was still fresh. Before I used some of those vegetable based products and they would dry and crystalize in 3-6 month, it took some serious soaking to get the stuff out of the brushes. Over the years of making professional chemicals for the sign painting industry I've learned that those few water based (plant based) oils are natural Varnishes, now tell me, would you leave varnish in your brushes, I don't think so. Avoid automotive oils, they have detergents which eat at the hairs. In a pinch, mineral oil will for a short time but isn't thick enough, so stick with refined Lard Oil like the Old Timers did...