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Hand Lettering Pattern - Blackletter Style

Blackletter Style Hand Lettering practice pattern.  This Lettering Chart will help you learn and practice to hand letter in a Blackletter Style .  Using this  l8″ x 28″ heavy laminated poster size cards, use tracing paper or glass over the top,. Hand Lettering Pattern charts show each stroke in order, plus stroke direction.  All charts are two-sided with different charts on each side.

A well rounded sign painter will memorize each of these basic letterforms, which will then open up a world of creativity for altering them into new and original typestyles.Having the right source material to learn from is important. These charts, hand lettered by a professional sign painter with over 45 years of experience, clearly and colorfully show how each letter of the five basic typestyles is formed.Learning to paint great signs can be a long road of daily practice, patience, diligence and frustration.