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Mach-One Pinstriping Brush Series 101 Size 0

Mack Brush Series 101 Size 0
Mach-One Pinstriping Brush

The Grumbacher Company was sold several years ago and the new company discontinued many of the quality brush products. When the two Grumbacher stripers were no longer offered Mack found the company who had been making these for Grumbacher and began offering the same brush, but with our name on the handle. Unfortunately that manufacturing company went out of business in mid 2002 and Mack assume the assets were purchased by a company in India. Mack was concerned about quality, distance, exchange rates etc., so Mack worked with several "Grumbacher users" and developed our own version of the old Grumbacher 1010. Mack can not offer the 1020 black plastic handle, since Mack would have to buy too many handles to get a cost effective price. Stripers who worked with us to develop this new brush also suggested that it be a bit longer. From this research came the New "Mach-One".

Size 0 Length Out 1-15/16"
Wooden Handle