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Manetti 23kt-Edible Gold-Leaf-Pack

Manetti 23kt-Edible Gold-Leaf-Pack is 1-pack of edible gold-leaf with contains books with 5 sheets per book of Gold-Leaf, size-3-3/8" x 3-3/8". Manetti 23kt-Edible Gold-Leaf-Pack is an ideal product for cake design sector, the decoration of fine dishes, for galĂ  dinners, celebrations, weddings. The selection of Manetti edible products is perfect for lounge bar and for decoration of drinks, liquors, and cocktails for aperitifs. Manetti genuine edible gold leaf 23 kt is certified by LGA as responsive to the European rules, and usable as edible dyes for decoration of drinks, cakes or beveragesManetti 23kt-Edible Gold-Leaf-Pack available here.