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red variegated leaf 1 pack

Red Variegated Leaf 1 Pack

red variegated leaf 1 pack, sold containing 20 Books, each book contains 25 leaves for a total of 500 Leaves in a 1 pack Red Variegated Leaf is made from Copper Leaf and red, orange, yellow and slight blue tones are achieved. The predominant color is red and the colors can be intense and of iridescent quality. The copper alloy in metal leaf will tarnish, therefore all metal leaf must be sealed to prevent tarnishing. Variegated Leaf is metal leaf which has been treated to create colorful patterns in the leaf. The random patterns vary from pack to pack. Metal leaf is sold in units called packs containing 500, 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" leaves and covers 105 sq. ft. without waste or overlap. variegated leaf, metal leaf, brass leaf, leafing, red variegated  Pricing listed below on bottom of this page.