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Script Outliner Brush Taklon Series 258 Set

Script Out-liner Brush Taklon Series 258 Full Set

 Buy Script Outliner Brush Taklon Series 258 set. Mack Brush Series 258, Synthetic White Taklon Rigger, Black Polished Handles, Seamless Nickel Ferrules. The majority of all of your outlining and script can be done easily with this Script out-liner-rigger. Synthetic White Taklon has the same snap and lettering qualities as sable, but at a considerably lower price.

Rigger Brushes: the term "Rigger" is a nautical reference from the long line "Rigging" of the Ship Ropes-Lines. The Brushes are a little longer than a traditional ferruled Out-Liner quill and can hold a little more paint or ink for a longer paint line.

Set Includes 1 Each
1 = Length 1/4"
2 = Length 5/16"
4 = Length 7/16"
6 = Length 9/16"
8 = Length 11/16"
10 = Length 13/16"