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Flat Lettering Brush Grey Stroke series-1932 size 1/8"

Flat Lettering Brush Grey Stroke series-1932 size 1/8"was originally made by the old "Art Sign Company" as the series 1963 Super Grey Hound.  These Lettering Flats were made with Pure Grey Talahoutky Squirrel.  Grey Squirrel is very hard to get today and is also very expensive.  Mack Brush customers requested a reproduction of the Grey Squirrel Flat lettering brush, so created a custom blend to match the old brush do 2 things, 1 match the style and 2 keep down the cost while retaining the body and snap of Grey Squirrel Hair.  This is not intended to replace Mack's series 1962 or 1992.  It is merely a less expensive alternative.

These Lettering Flats are for rougher surface and are stronger than brown hair flats, even though there a budget brush, at least that's how it was explained to me by Sign painters as a boy, so that's how I use Grey Flats (Ron Percell, 2nd generation Sign Artist).

Mack Brush Series-1932 Size 1/8", Length Out 1-5/8", stiff Grey Mixture Flat, Russian Sable Hair, Seamless Nickel Ferrule Long Beige Handle with Brown Tip