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Trickster Pinstriping Brush Size 0 Series Mack-Norris

Mack Brush Series Mack-Norris Trickster
Size 0
Length Out - 2-1/4"
Overall Length - 7"
The Trickster is a striper with a handle length of 4-1/4".  Jim Norris helped design this brush and with and with his sign painting background likes the longer length of a brush handle. 
For the stripers that prefer a shorter handle the modification is quick and easy.  The striper is made of pure blue squirrel hair and has a length out of 2-1/4". 
The long length of the hair allows the brush to carry a good load of paint for a long distance.  You can stand the brush up on the tip to create a super fine lines even with the larger sizes.