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Silver Leaf .999 Pure Patent Book 25 sheets

Silver Leaf Pure Patent Book 25 sheets,

Buy .999 Pure Silver Leaf is beaten to 28 grams.  .999 Pure Silver Leaf  is a larger leaf at 3 ¾” square. Silver tarnishes. If Silver is sealed well it will last much longer, but even over time it will still begin to tarnish. Antique mirrors are an example of this. Often today, the tarnished Silver look is desired for a vintage look. This is something you cannot do with Palladium or Aluminum.  Silver will oxidize (tarnish) changing its color to black or dark tones. Eventually Silver will completely corrode away. Silver does have a little better reflective property so it looks better behind glass than Palladium.   MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! Produced by the last American Gold Beaters!  This product is great for surface gilding.  This is Patent leaf also known as Transfer Leaf, each leaf is mounted to special tissue paper. W&B .999 Pure Silver Leaf Patent - Book has 25 Sheets of Silver Leaf, Size - 3-3/4" x 3-3/4", Patent / Transfer Silver Leaf