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WB Heavy Gold-Foil-Leaf-Book

WB Heavy Gold-Foil-Leaf-Book, Each book contains 5 sheet of gold leaf, size 4" x 4" per sheet. This is surface leaf therefore it is Loose Leaf.  WB Heavy Gold-Foil-Leaf-Book foil (compared to leaf) can be support the leaf by holding it by its corner. As you know, leaf will come apart if you try to handle it. Many countries languages don’t have a word that differs from leaf or foil. You will find the word foil used for leaf, often in places like south east Asia or the middle east. This product is a true foil as we would define it here in the US. This product can be used in many ways. Gold-foil is used most often to “Hot Glass” artists. The other top use is in enameling. People firing it in their kiln on ceramic items. These are 4” square and 250 grams per 1000 sheets. (W&B Glass gold is 16 to 17 grams per 1000). The Gold is 5 leaves to a book. It is loose in the book and should be applied with a gilders tip or other method of transfer.  MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! Produced by the last American Gold Beaters! WB Heavy Gold-Foil-Leaf-Book available here.