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yellow stabilo pencil 12 pack

yellow stabilo pencil 12 pack

yellow Stabilo Pencil 12 pack for sale to buy. Stabilo washable colored layout pencil has long been the favorite of Sign Painters and Pinstripers. Free hand layout yellow stabilo pencil that is washable

Suitable for almost all surfaces. Also writes excellently on glass, plastic and metal. Water-soluble lead with high-quality pigments.

A colored pencil "STABILO All" as a yellow Stabilo 12 pack

  • Graphite pencil: Lead with the finest graphite
  • Writes on almost all smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, canvas, fiberglass and awnings
  • stabilo Lead diameter: 3.3 mm
  • stabilo is a Colored pencil: high-quality pigments with Lead
  • available in 5 water-soluble colors here


should not be left in the sun or fresh paint very long so use a light hand and wash stabilo marks off right away. Paint can swallow a stain in sun, I prefer white and blue, which are the least likely to stain, I hope this advice helps artists. Our family has used stabilo brand for 3 generations, much better than grease pencils that cause fish eye or also known as separation.

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