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Gilders Pad with Wind Screen - English

Gilders Pad with Winds Screen - English

Buy Gilders Pad English Made in England for Sale here. This Gilding Pad or Cushion is 5 1/2" wide by 9 1/2" long and has a Wind Shield built in to protect Gold Leaf. Gilders use a Knife and a Gilders Pad to cut gold leaf. Gilding Pads also known as Gilders Pad or Gilders Cushions are typically made from softened doeskin resting on a soft pad attached to wood. Gilding Knifes do not require very much pressure when cutting gold leaf, because precious metals are thin. Cut gold from the bottom of the book so you don't mar the rest of the gilded leaf. If you do cut from the top down, you'll get a mark on every subsequent piece. that you can't remove even with cotton burnishing. Cheap pads are made from velvet and quality gilders gilding pads are made with leather. deluxe gilding pads come with a folding wind guard to keep your gold leaf from blowing away. Never get Oil pad, this will make the pad sticky. If you get Oil on your pad, remove grease it is using a lightly dampened cloth with soap rubbed into cloth, then rinse with a cloth lightly dampened with water and let dry. Once dry the leather will roughen or become hard and stiff. You can rub and buff the area gently by hand or with a soft wire bristled brush to recondition your gilders gilding pad. Definition: Gilders Cushioned Leather Gold Leaf Gilding Pallet Cutting Pad